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Basic ELectronics Course

- A Practical Electronics Masterclass for Beginners -

Are you an individual who loves electronics and anything related to it? Are you probably one of those who are awestruck by how various electronics are made, their principles, and how they work? Are you curious about how electronic devices work and want to learn the fundamentals of how to make your own basic electronics?

If you have been searching for places to feed your curiosity and expand your knowledge on this particular subject, then you should look no further. Madros Technologies and Digital Solutions Academy is organizing a Basic Electronics Course to help you out.

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Programme Suitability

This Basic Electronics Course is suitable for:

  • High school graduates,
  • Undergraduates (particularly those with a science background) and
  • Technology/electronics enthusiasts.
  • Programme Description

    The Basic Electronics Course is a six-week training program with full hands-on practicals. We also incorporate individual and group activities alongside theoretical instructions, where you'll gain a solid foundation and exposure to all you need to know about electronics. This course is tailored to meet your requirements, whether you are a beginner or simply looking to expand your knowledge of electronics. In this Basic Electronics Course, you will learn valuable skills and techniques that you can apply in your practical and professional lives. The course also guarantees a rewarding experience that is both fun and informative. With passionate and experienced instructors guiding you through the curriculum, you can be assured of an excellent learning opportunity that is worth your time and investment.

    Learning Specifics

  • Introduction to Electricity and Electronics.
  • Introduction to Electronic Equipment and Components.
  • Understanding How Semiconductors, Capacitors, and Transformers Work.
  • Exploring the Fundamental Laws and Theories of Electronics.
  • Design and Develop Basic Circuits and Electronics.
  • Programme Objectives

  • Identify the basic tools and test equipment used to construct, troubleshoot, and maintain standard electronic circuits and systems.
  • Understand the scientific principles that govern the fundamental flow of electricity and the purpose of the various materials used as conducting, semiconducting, and insulating components in the construction of typical electrical and electronic circuits.
  • Understand the physical characteristics and fundamental principles of a variety of electrical and electronic components, including capacitors, resistors, inductors, semiconductors, integrated circuits (ICs), motors, and transformers.
  • Identify and build a few key electrical consumer electronics.
  • Programme Schedule

    The Basic Electronic Course is mapped out to follow the schedule below:

  • Dates: Monday, April 3rd - Saturday, May 13th, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. daily
  • Venue: Madros Technologies Academy, Ayegbaju International Complex, Ogo-Oluwa, Osogbo, Nigeria
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